lifecoreThe Lifecore R100 is a superior rowing machine, with its perfect features, options, quality, style and it is simply one of the best. Its only competitor can be the Concept2 Model E. And that’s why this review will be like a referee between these two super amazing rowing machines. The price for the Lifecore is quite expensive and arises the question: “What will you get for this money?” All this will be written below and trust me every cent is worth it.

When we were testing the Lifecore rowing machine, we were very surprised as it gives some special feeling, a feeling of a real solid machine. Maybe the reason for that is its aluminum frame or steel supports, or maybe it is just the way it looks. Even the Lifecore manufacturers say that it is able to cope with a 600 lbs user. The seat is very comfortable and it is an important factor as you might probably spend hours a week sitting on it. Therefore, it should be the best. Also it slides in a smooth motion without any noise (if you live in an apartment, this particular rowing machine will not bother anyone and plus while the workout you can watch TV or listen to the radio) and moves up and down the track. What else could one wish for?

Lifecore R100 Review

LIFECORE_R100Every rower has a different type of resistance. Speaking about the Lifecore R100, it combines both air and magnets. There are different levels, which can be suitable for a fan and professional equally. If you want to increase the resistance to work on muscles harder then it is not a problem to change the right level at all. Yet another its advantage is the presence of a heart rate program – having a mechanic type of resistance means having the rowing machine which adjusts to your heart rate and moreover, you will not need to stop to measure it manually. This rowing machine proposes these and other features and you should use them at their fullest, even if your training will last for about 10-15 minutes. Therefore having the heart rate programs means to be at the hi-tech level and also the ability to have shorter trainings but get more from them.

Everything is perfect in this rowing machine. The size and the seat are comfortable for everyone, the foot rests don’t move (like in case with other rowers). Looking at it, you realize your desire to reach your goal, either to keep fit or lose weight etc. And plus you can make your goal come true in a very pleasant and enjoyable way.


lifecore-r100-rowing-machinesWe will say from the beginning that the Lifecore display is way better comparing with the Concept2. First of all it is bigger, easier to read and understand the given data and information and moreover, it has some preset programs, one of them and our favorite is the heart-rate program (as it was written above) – this program will give you an opportunity to increase the resistance to keep the heart at optimum level, first of all for your health and second for reaching your target. We are sure, you will agree that the most important is the motivation. If you have it, everything will work out!

Consider buying this rowing machine and you will not regret. As it can give you everything you want: quality, performance, style, preset programs, recordings of your previous performances so you can see your progress and praise yourself for a well-done job. Furthermore, you can store the data of up to 4 people. Maybe members of your family will also have a chance to try it?


Finally, we want to say that at the end the Lifecore overcame the Concept. The price for them are almost the same, the difference might be in just a few dollars. But having compared all their features, performance, and quality, it is easy to understand that Lifecore will serve you for many many years. Yes, the price is a little high, but think what it proposes, and how many people can use it. And you will soon realize that it is a very good investment in the future for you and your family.


  • comfortable seat – even after 30 minutes of sitting on it
  • preset programs
  • amazing display – large and easy to read
  • really solid machine – aluminum and steel give you some special feeling
  • good warranty – lifetime for framelifecore rowing
  • excellent performance
  • different levels of resistance
  • easy to store and will not take much place – see the dimensions below
  • a few people can use it and moreover store their data
  • heart rate control program


  • the price – but when you consider all its pros, you will understand that it is worth it.


  1. Rower weight –96 lbs
  2. Resistance type – magnetic/air
  3. Dimensions – 92”x19”x36”
  4. Maximum user weight – 600lbs
  5. Storage space – 52”x19”x67”


  1. lifetime – frame
  2. 1 year – labor
  3. 5 years – the rest of the parts


The best selling rowing machine model is the Concept2 Model S and it is the biggest competitor to the Lifecore R100. But nevertheless if you are ready to spend even more money, then consider buying or first looking at BodyCraft VR500 – with a big variety of different programs and unique innovations.

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Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine Review
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Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine

Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine

Build quality




      Value for money



        • The four heart rate control programs
        • The four heart rate control programs
        • The solid construction
        • Large LCD display
        • Wide range of resistance levels will challenge any rower


        • The price - but then you get what you pay for and it will last for years!
        • Yet to find anything else we don't like about this rower.
        Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine Review